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♦     Legal, Business & Policy Guidance for New & Existing Businesses & Corporations

♦ Legal & Business Issues for Social Media & Public Policy Engagement

♦     Consultancy on Legal, Business & Policy Issues Relative to Benefit Corporation Formation, Transparency & Stakeholder Accountability

♦  Service as ‘Outside’ Benefit Corporation Director to Monitor, Advise & Create Benefit Reports for Sustainable Corporations as Required by Law

♦  Licensing, Contract, Business Development, & Corporate Formation Documents

♦  Outside General & Interim Counsel Services to Emerging & Growth Corporations

♦     CEO & Board Member Training on Business & Legal Issue Overlap

♦     Proprietary Seminars for Corporate Staff & Executives on Protecting Trade Secrets, Trademarks, Copyrights and Valuable Intellectual Property


With over 25 years of combined experience in Law, Business & Policy Counseling, Elloian Law & Consulting, provides Business, Corporate & Institutional clients with resourceful, innovative and insightful Business & Social Policies to Enhance their Corporate & Business Model, Employee Morale and Customer Satisfaction–while Bolstering their Bottom-Line. Innovation and Experience combine to Reflect New Iterations in Corporate Planning, Training & Development. At Elloian Law & Consulting we Educate Managers, Directors & Corporate Officers on all aspects of Legal & Corporate Policy Issues. In-House Seminars can be tailored to meet your Individual Business or Corporate Needs, and Provide In-House Seminars to Key Personnel on Business & Legal Issues that affect both Business Perception, Customer Satisfaction and the Bottom-Line.

Additional Assistance for ‘Sustainable & Certified’ ‘B’ Benefit Corporations to Achieve & Maintain Certification–as well as Statutory & Regulatory Compliance. By allowing us to serve as either Interim or Long Term Benefit Director for Sustainable Corporations, all compliance and Due Diligence mandates can be achieved. Dependent upon State Law, the Benefit Director Must Oversee the Corporate & Stakeholder Interests, as required here in the state of Massachusetts.

And for those Corporations aspiring to become ‘Sustainable Corporations’ and embrace the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ Business Model, we can assist. Whether it be Monitoring Corporate Projects, or Creating Corporate Documents that reflect that Sustainable philosophy–we do it all–including working in concert with third party ‘B’ Corporation Certifiers.

Additionally, we also offer Business Negotiation Services to enhance our Business & Corporate Consultancy Offerings.

And to gain more information about ‘The Legal Edition’ Legal & Business News TV Show, please visit us at: www.TheLegalEdition.com

Business & Corporate Legal Services:

Our Business & Corporate Planning services allow us to provide ‘in depth’ Business & Outside Corporate Counsel Services to New or Existing Businesses and Corporations on a myriad of issues. We also Serve As Benefit Directors for newly formed or existing Benefit Corporations who need an ‘Outside Corporate Director’ for Statutory & Regulatory Compliance and Fiduciary Duty Issues. We also Assist New Entrepreneurs in Business Formation, Acquisition of Capital, Business Development and help to create a Path Toward Sustainability.

At Elloian Law Business & Policy Consulting, you can be assured of having counsel that is experienced in Business as well as Law. In addition to our Legal, Business & Policy Consultancy, we offer Training & Lectures In-House and Off-Site to counsel: Staff, Management and Business & Corporation Officers & Directors on Business & Legal Issues Affecting their Business, Corporation & Bottom Line. And if you choose to have us serve as your organizations’ Benefit Director, we can provide Documentation and Assistance to help your organization reach its ‘Benefit’ goals and Receive Recognition for its Benefit related Achievements. By serving as an your Outside Corporate ‘Benefit Director,’ we provide critical monitoring and guidance that is vital to the organization maintaining Benefit Status and Certification. In addition to providing guidance and monitoring of Benefit Corporate Related Activities, as Outside Benefit Director we are well positioned to create your corporate ‘Benefit Report’ that is crucial to your organization exercising its Fiduciary Duties, maintaining Benefit Status, and ‘B’ Certification compliance.

Additional Specialty Services:

  • Develop & Implement Benefit Corporations & Assist as Benefit Director
  • Assistance With Choice of Entity Based on Business Model Approach
  • Writing and Development of Corporate Plans and Business Policy Manuals
  • Create & Implement Software Licensing Agreements & Proprietary Strategies
  • Guidance for Planning, Development & Registration of Copyrights and Trademarks
  • Creation of New Business & Corporate Infrastructure & Enhancements to Existing Structures
  • Structure Business Policy, Employment & Trade Secret Agreements
  • Counsel & Assist in Creation & Selection of Business Models & All Phases of Business Development, Product Launches & Marketing
  • Provide Contract Support & Negotiation Strategies to New & Existing Businesses

At Elloian Law & Consulting, we value our clients and strive to give the highest level of individual attention & expertise. We provide legal services to various business types including small and medium sized businesses, start-ups, as well as individuals needing advice on the nuances of starting a business. In addition, we provide our services to large companies who also need objective Outside General Counsel as well as Small & Medium size Companies needing occasional Legal Assistance & Business Guidance. Whether the need is to just Assist or to Counsel–we are there to provide our expertise.

With forward thinking Legal & Business Advice, client companies are able to achieve a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced cyber-economy.

As a Lecturer, Executive Trainer & Host of The Legal Edition Legal, Business & Policy Educational TV Program, Attorney Elloian can provide your Business & Corporation with cutting-edge and insightful Legal, Business & Policy Advice–including Strategy Planning that is sure to elevate your business, and assist it to the next level of excellence.

Contact Elloian Law & Consulting to schedule a Consult, In-House Seminar or Training Program to keep your Business or Corporation Current and Competitive in its respective Marketplace.

For more information, contact us at 781-275-2225.

Mary Kay Elloian, M.B.A., J.D.
Attorney & Business Consultant
…Where Legal & Business Minds Merge. ™
Elloian Law & Business Consulting, All Rights Reserved.


Estate Services Offered Include:

  • Succession Planning for Businesses Continuation
  • Creation of Wills & Trusts
  • Enhanced Planning for Minor Children and Non-Human Family Members
  • Guardianships for Children or Elderly Family Members
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Healthcare Proxies
  • Living Wills
  • HIPPA Releases
  • Probate Administration

Our goal is to provide your family and loved ones continuity of care and peace of mind in the event of illness, incapacity, or unavailability. We also offer creative planning to include your Children, Grandchildren and Non-Human Family members. Please see our Publications and Seminars section for more information on this area of our practice.

…Let the voice of experience guide you through the intricacies of the legal process. Call today, to begin planning for your Business or Corporation, so that you can gain the competitive edge you need in today’s fast-paced economy. Or, if you wish to do some Estate Planning for you and your family, give us a call. We provide expert legal advice in both Business and Estate matters. For more information, contact us at 781-275-2225.

Mary Kay Elloian, M.B.A., J.D.
Business, Corporate & Policy Planning That Makes Sense…And Gets Results.™
Elloian Law & Consulting, All Rights Reserved.

The information contained in this website is for general ‘informational purposes only’ and should not be relied upon or construed as legal advice; no attorney-client relationship is formed by visiting this site or using the information contained herein. For specific legal advice applicable to your situation, you will need to consult your own attorney. The information contained in this website may be construed as advertising under the rules of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.


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